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T.DALTON has been in business since 1971 .. Involved in the retail and wholesale market in the West Coast mainly Beverley Hills and San Francisco Bay area.  T.Dalton designed and manufactured goods for companies such as Fred Haymen, Bijan, Planet Hollywood, and many major brands and stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom's Bullocks Saks and other chains in the U.S.  T. Dalton was key in bringing the first French Jeans to retail market to Beverly Hills before Calvin Kline, Guess and other brands you see today .

Currently T. Dalton is branding to several franchises through out the U.S. retail market.  T. Dalton deals in only 100 % cotton, cashmere, leather and wool. He does not use polyester acrylic or other man made lower quality fabrics.  T. Dalton travels and deals directly, using no agents, with manufacturers through out the world to obtain fabrics and best suppliers and does not substitute price for quality.
T. Dalton's quality of fabric and workmanship is parallel to that of Ralph Lauren and other better clothing brands, but makes it available at much more affordable prices.

The brand is infamous for being able to embellish each garment the way the customer wants it directly at the retail location.  The difference between T.Dalton and other embellishments is he uses real wool (not silk screen) and leather for patches and letters.  You will not find better made patches than the ones available at T.Dalton anywhere in the world.  Every garment is pre-washed with 0-10% shrinkage max and all products are 100% guaranteed.

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