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Royal Highnies

ZRHTOP Royal Highnies Lounge Top

ZRHTOP Royal Highnies Lounge Top

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The Royal Highnies lounge pants have been a huge hit and now you can complete the ensemble with this fabulous lounge top. Generous fit and the same 400 thread count cotton that has made all of our Highnies products customer favorites. From the same 400 Pima cotton that made the boxers famous, comes this ultra-so robe. Three quarter-length with plenty of room in the shoulders and chest for the comfort you expect out of your loungwear. Comes in two sizes: Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large. Royal Hignies Royal Robe 100% cotton Pima Cotton. Medium to heavy weight with tie belt front. Side pockets Sizing is S/M or L/XL.

  • 100% cotton Pima Cotton.
  • 400 thread count cotton
  • Generous fit.
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